Ultra-clean filling machine

Glass bottle filling equipment use precautions

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1. Glass bottle with gas filling machine filling equipment washing bottle

(1): Check whether the power supply and water supply of the automatic rotary bottle washer are normal.

(2): Check if the automatic rotary bottle washer is running normally.

(3): Dispose of the chlorine dioxide disinfectant in the beverage bottle at 30-40mg/L.

(4): Start the beverage filling line, and the beverage bottle is sent to the bottle washing machine for rinsing through the conveyor belt.

(5): The flushing machine sees the operating procedure of the automatic rotary bottle washer, and controls the water pressure of the flushing bottle to be 0.15Mpa.

(6): The beverage bottle of the rinsing machine enters the filling procedure with the conveyor belt.

        The bottled water filling machine ends the cleaning: the water source of the bottle washer is turned off, the power of the equipment is turned off, and the equipment is routinely maintained. Clean the bottle washer to keep the working environment clean and tidy.


2. Filling:

(1): Check the power supply status and operation of the filling machine.

(2): Check the condition of the conveying pipe and filling head.

(3): Check the opening direction of the pipe and pipe of the conveyor belt.

(4): Perform the filling operation according to the filling machine operating procedures.

(5): drain the storage tank and pipe memory before filling.

(6): Before filling, the filling level should be adjusted one by one to ensure the filling amount.

(7): The product of the filling production line should be first checked. The number of the first inspection is double the number of filling heads. The first inspection is qualified for filling production. End cleaning: CIP cleaning after filling of the filling machine. Close filling fluid valve, filling machine power, cleaning equipment and environmental work.

3, screw cap

(1): Check the power supply, air supply status and equipment operation of the screw cap equipment.

(2): Check the water consumption of the bottle mouth cleaning before the capping to keep the air and water pressure stable.

(3): Check the condition of the cap delivery line.

(4): The capping machine is started, and the filled product is sent to the capping machine along with the conveyor belt, blown by the bottle mouth, washed with water, and capped, and the capping operation is completed.

(5): The pressure at the mouth of the bottle is 0.15Mpa, the temperature of the washing water is 95°C, the water pressure is 0.15 Mpa, the capping torque is 23KG, and the cap is screwed.



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