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Water treatment equipment

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Water treatment equipment

Water treatment equipment

One-stage reverse osmosis:Raw water(tap water, surface water, underground water) pass pretreatment system, sophisticated filter, and then sent to reverse osmosis by high pressure pump to produce pure water directly is known as one-stage reverse osmosis. One-stage reverse osmosis is suitable for the raw water with conductivity less than 500 μs/cm abd conductivity of output water is 1-10μs/cm.

Two-stage reverse osmosis:The original water (tap water, surface water, underground water) is sent to pretreatment system by adding pressure to be filtered roughly, then to be filtered by sophisticated filer, and the water is transmitted to primary reverse osmosis by one-stage high pressure pump to be filtered, then the water is added pressure again by secondary high pressure pump and sent to second reverse osmosis system to produce the produce the product water, this source is called two-stage reverse osmosis. Raw water conductivity more than 500μs/cm, Purified water conductivity is 1-10μs/cm.

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